December 5, 2013

Some iPhone Photos

Architectural Shapes

This is a collection of photos taken using an iPhone. They are from my most recent iPhone work and it's also my own way of saying that the camera doesn't matter and that the best camera is the one you have with you.

In Between

Of course the iPhone has limitations but the camera should not be the limiting factor when making photos. 


I actually find it handy for grab/snap shots or moments where you're out and you don't have a *real camera with you. 

* I mean it's a camera, no doubt, but the iPhone is designed to be a mobile and smart phone first and the camera is an added feature. It's not designed to be a camera first.


It's not a bokeh machine, quite far from being one and stability could be an issue but with good technique and some practice it can be pretty good. In fact sometimes you cannot even tell a picture was taken with an iPhone.

Here are a few more and some monos...

Serve yourself

In the hole

Parking lot meeting

Before the lightning storm



  1. Funny these days I actually find taking photos with my iPhone more satisfying. These are great