December 13, 2013

Email School Favourites & Final Report

Tentacles at Canada Place

A few months ago I did sort of a half way report about the Email School. This post is my final report and a collection of my favourite images from the time I started the course until I finished it.

Let's start with the first question most people would ask, was it worth it? To me it was because of two primary reasons: I was able to find out where I was in my photographic journey and it made me see differently. Sometimes all we need is a little guidance or someone to mentor us and the email school definitely provided that and more. I think there are two keys to the program. First, make sure you define your goals and make them realistic. Second, put a lot of work on the assignments. The more work you put in the more you will learn and the more rewarding it will be. I think I mentioned in my half way report that communication is key. Make sure you understand everything and ask away. Ming will be harsh but there's always a point to his comments. Do not take it personally because if it's bad it's bad but if it's good he will praise it too. The important thing is to understand why it was bad and why it's good. One last tip, take time to look at Ming's work and see if you like it. I think this is very important because for me it is better to develop your skills with someone whose work you admire.

Lines and shapes

 Vancouver Architecture and Buildings

While doing the course I discovered that I like abstract photos. It is something I really like mainly because with abstraction it makes the viewer think what the subject is and for me it is one of the things that make an image interesting. The more abstract the image is the more interesting it is for me. One of the things I like to do when creating photos is to make the ordinary interesting and I think abstraction does that. The challenge is how do you make it abstract. 


Sakura and the Photographer


Light and shadows

The images are almost one from each assignment but that was more of a coincidence. I didn't select one from each on purpose. You can say it's a progression but for me these are my favourites because they are simple and the idea is easily identifiable. We often hear simple is better and I agree. Sometimes the simpler it is the better we can communicate the idea, the subject, the story.


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