December 20, 2013

Expert Shield Giveaway

In my last posting about my user experience with the Expert Shield Screen Protector I forgot to mention that my contact at Expert Shield offered giveaways for my readers. I don't have many readers so I'll just make it first come first serve. The first two to comment can get an Expert Shield screen protector either for your camera or phone. After you comment I'll get in touch with you so I can hook you up with my contact and we can go from there. Cheers!



  1. Just proof that you have readers! Seasons Greetings Eugene! Your blog is excellent!

    1. Hi Martin, email me at so I can get you your free Expert Shield. Thanks!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. I still have you in my photography feeds Any more protectors left? :)

  3. Your the second to comment Kenny so yes. I'll pass your email to my contact.